Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients with COVID-19: results of a randomized clinical trial

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  • Zhaowei Chen
  • Jijia Hu
  • Zongwei Zhang
  • ...
  • Zhan Zhang
Journal medRxiv preprint
Date April 10, 2020

A randomized clinical trial of 62 patients who received hydroxychloroquine or standard therapy showed patients who received hydroxychloroquine had a significantly shorter time to body temperature recovery and cough remission. Notably, 4 patients (13%) in the control group progressed to severe illness whereas no patients treated with hydroxychloroquine progressed.

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This study demonstrated some clinical benefit for hydroxychloroquine in treatment of early stage COVID-19 disease where patients received treatment on average 2.2 days after fever onset and 2 days after cough onset.

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