Early hydroxychloroquine is associated with an increase of survival in COVID-19 patients: an observational study.

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  • Francisco Membrillo
  • German Ramirez-Olivencia
  • Miriam Estebanez
  • ...
  • Lucia Ballester
Journal Preprints.org
Date May 6, 2020

Observational study in Spain of early treatment with hydroxychloroquine in 166 COVID-19 patients showed a significant survival benefit in patients started on hydroxychloroquine in the mild stage of disease.

Patients were categorized into one of three groups at initial presentation: mild, moderate or severe. There was a significant survival benefit in the mild group compared to controls (1.8 times, p = 0.032) and a trend toward survival benefit in the moderate and severe groups (1.4 times and 1.6 times, respectively). Of note, the average time between symptom onset and treatment was 7 days.

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This is another retrospective analysis that suggests efficacy of early treatment with hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19.

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