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* Guifen Shen, MD
* Guifen Shen, MD
* Huiqin Yang, MD
* Huiqin Yang, MD
* Anbin Huang, MD
* Xiaoqi Chen, MD
* Li Dong, MD
* ...
* ...
* Lingli Dong, MD  
* Lingli Dong, MD  

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  • Prof Jixin Zhong, MD
  • Guifen Shen, MD
  • Huiqin Yang, MD
  • ...
  • Lingli Dong, MD
Journal The Lancet
Date July 3, 2020

Multicenter retrospective analysis of 6228 patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases in Hubei province showed that patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases may be more susceptible to COVID-19 infection than the general population (OR 2.68, p=0.023).

Of note, the study found rheumatology patients with a history of COVID-19 exposure who were taking hydroxychloroquine had a lower risk of infection with COVID-19 compared to patients receiving other anti-rheumatic drugs (OR 0.09, p=0.044).

Major Issues

Despite a large cohort in the overall analysis, the number of patients taking hydroxychloroquine with history on exposure to COVID-19 was very small (n=16). So despite an impressive OR of only 0.09, it is important to note the p-value is barely significant.

The study also does not include information on frequency or dosages of hydroxychloroquine in patients.

Minor Issues

No minor issues identified at this time.


This serves as one of the first retrospective analyses to evaluate potential efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in prophylaxis of COVID-19.

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