Treating COVID-19 with Chloroquine

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  • Mingxing Huang
  • Tiantian Tang
  • Pengfei Pang
  • ...
  • Hong Shan
Journal Journal of Molecular Cell Biology
Date April 1, 2020

Randomized controlled trial of 22 COVID-19 positive, symptomatic patients treated with either chloroquine 500mg twice daily or Lopinavir/Rotinavir 400/100mg twice daily for 10 days.

All chloroquine treated patients were PCR negative for SARS-CoV-2 by day 13 and 92% of Lopinavir/Rotinavir treated patients were PCR negative by day 14. All chloroquine treated patients were discharged from the hospital by day 14 compared to only 50% of Lopinavir/Rotinavir treated patients.

Of note, the average time from symptom onset to treatment was 2.5 days and 6.5 days in the chloroquine and Lopinavir/Rotinavir groups, respectively (P = < 0.001). This study suggests potential efficacy of chloroquine in treatment of early stage COVID-19 disease.

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This study both supported earlier findings that lopinavir/rotinavir is likely ineffective in treatment of COVID-19 and that early treatment with chloroquine may have efficacy.

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