Hydroxychloroquine in patients with COVID-19: an open-label, randomized, controlled trial

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  • Wei Tang
  • Zhujun Cao
  • Mingfeng Han
  • ...
  • Qing Xie
Journal MedRxiv Preprint
Date April 10, 2020

Randomized controlled trial in China of 150 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 who received either hydroxychloroquine or standard therapy for 2-3 weeks with a primary endpoint of negative conversion rates at 28 days. There was no significant difference in conversion rates between the two arms, but authors did note greater symptomatic relief in patients who received hydroxychloroquine over standard therapy. Of note, treatment was started an average 16.6 days after symptom onset.

There were no safety concerns observed in the hydroxychloroquine arm and the most common adverse event was diarrhea (10%).

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This study was one of the first randomized controlled trials evaluating effects of hydroxychloroquine on duration of viral shedding in late stage COVID-19. It showed that the antiviral effects of hydroxychloroquine are likely diminutive or non-existent in late stage disease.

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